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The time has come

The mods have had a long, hard discussion about this over the last week, but....we feel like the time has come to ask this question:

Poll #1330845 The Fare of Onorata

Should we close Onorata for now?

Other (explain in comments)

Keep in mind, we are still willing to mod for you all if you decide to keep it open, but it's time to face the music.

We've done all we can as mods, the ball is in your court now.

✰ drop

Dropping all characters.

Lust followed Envy to find Dante.

Integral went back to England after receiving a summons from the Queen.

Damien has finally gone back to his wife in Dover.

Rhode has gone to Germany with Kristoph.

Thank you guys for a great time. This has been one of the best years in an rp I've had. Geoff, please shoot me a message so I can give you the privileges for the wiki and maps.

Official Drop.

I guess real life finally got jealous of me cheating on it with the internet, so, it's time to say goodbye, Onorata. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the amazing moments. I am still available through e-mail, but things are rocky on my end, so I can't promise all the responses will be prompt.

Thank you for everything, Onorata. I'll never forget you.


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(no subject)

mail MATT jeevas [lungrot] ⇒ fate to be discussed and decided asap.
dwhite ROD ROSS gordon [kingpins] ⇒ returned to LA and his cushy spot at the top of the american crime syndicate's ladder.

it was good, onobabies ♥ real good. i have many a fond memory of us all tucked safely inside my heart, and i won't be forgetting them, nor you, any time soon. this place brought me some really good times, and some even better friends. hope to see you all around, yeah? ♥ peace.
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(no subject)

So! We mods have been talking amongst ourselves, and we've totally noticed that its slowed to a crawl right now. SO! While we have a few ideas of our own, we'd like to hear from you guys with comments, suggestions, plot ideas and what not to get this place movin' and shakin' again. Or really even just comments about anything in general.

But please! Don't ignore this! We have the power, but we do need the help to know what YOU guys want to do. Once we have that information, we can do our best to implement it.

~Your friendly, neighbourhood mod team~